Vulf Compressor – There are so many option of tools in market for mixing music. Of course, everyone wants to use a tool that provides perfect performance. Although, a compression really is the salt of music mixing. It’s the ultimate tool of a mix engineer. It provides you a really very different sound. If you want a plugin that is very unique and provides you excellent features, Vulf Compressor is best option for you. This compressor can really change the whole direction of a song. its works for crappy sounds as any other expensive compressor. Furthermore, about analog instruments there has always been something naturally warm. Therefore, this compressor contains a combination of parameters that enhance its abilities. Similarly, a Vulf Compressor is capable to make that happen even with the stalest sounds.

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Features of Vulf Compressor:

  • This compressor includes Stereo link or unlink modes.
  • This compressor provides some excellent features such as a amplification and monitoring and mid size matrix.
  • Also, into a single plugin you can combine 4 panning modes. These modes can transforms stereo that provide you every color for stereo audio signals.
  • Moreover, between simplicity and performance in mid or side processing, it provides you perfect balance for plugin. As well as, you can use it for every stereo source.
  • In addition, for all tracks in your mix that reveals the classic sound it contains an oil equalizer with extreme versatility.
  • Above all, with this amazing compressor you can recreate classic music according to the sounds of present.
  • In this compressor, there are filters includes with parameter type. Also, it contains saturation, slope and resonance. Further, with analog simulation, it has a automation and a limiter.

System Requirements of Vulf Compressor:


  • Windows 7
  • 64 Bit Host
  • VST, VST3, or AAX


  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Audio Unit 64 Bit
  • ST, VST3, or AAX Big Host

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