Toontrack – EZX Classic Rock (SoundBank)

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Toontrack – EZX Classic Rock (SoundBank) Overview

Likewise, Classic EZX is a modern drum library that unites all the good in modern recording methods with the noise of this classic Helios is deemed Vintage EZX also presents a special feature in the form of giving you two different configurations; one modern mic with different microphones and one with four magnets, the so-called”setup for 4 magnets”. This setup is exactly what helped shape the distinctive and natural production on many of the excellent records of the 1970s — that the noise which produces the apparent resurgence of audio at the top of the charts now. Classic EZX is a contemporary drum library that combines all of the great in modern recording methods with the sound of this traditional Helios console. Additionally, It is recognized that this uncommon equipment formed manufacturing on the records of such classes as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who. You can also read Arturia – Stage-73 V.

Toontrack – EZX Classic Rock (SoundBank)

Features of Toontrack – EZX Classic Rock (SoundBank):

  1. Two full drum kits, tailored to get a large, reverberate classic rock sound.
  2. Includes extras such as timpani, a gong and several kit pieces.
  3. Includes drums peeled using sticks, mallets and snare wires off.
  4. A broad selection of presets for a fast mix-ready sound.
  5. A set of drum MIDI grooves and matches additionally motivated by Eddie’s famous traditional rock discography.??

System Requirements:

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