Technique Recordings – PARALLAX (KONTAKT)

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Technique Recordings – PARALLAX (KONTAKT) Overview

Furthermore, Parallax is a beast of 3 synthesizer oscillators, which enables the user to easily create infinite ready-made bass sounds using either the supplied samples or importing your user’s own WAV, assessing the stored samples. After the samples are chosen, they’re played in parallel with each main generator, which includes its own XY-pad (new attribute in Kontakt v5.7). The principal generators include 24 filters along with 9 LFO configurations to use and create motion so as to sculpt a solid that is completely automated in your DAW. In General, And with more than two decades at the top table of bass-heavy music production, Kontakt users can now benefit from their hard-won experience. You can also read Vandalism Shocking Build Up Effects Vol.5.

Technique Recordings – PARALLAX (KONTAKT)

Features of Technique Recordings – PARALLAX (KONTAKT):

  1. Strong three-oscillator synth using 24 filters along with 9 LFO configurations.
  2. Flexible XY pad on each oscillator (brand new feature for Kontakt 5.7).
  3. Expertly-curated toolbox of 8 insert effects and 5 send effects.
  4. Ultimate control using Kontakt’s multi-mode filter combo using an XYZ pad.
  5. Quick Envelope feature to allow you free-draw and edit customized envelopes.
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