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PCDJ DEX 2020 Overview

In Conclusion, PCDJ DEX for Mac is a professional DJ Software for macOS which allows you to go beyond easy DJing. The most versatile do-it-all DJ program available, DEX, empowers one to intuitively mix music, music videos and host karaoke together with precision. PCDJ DEX for macOS is your sole DJ application for Mac using all the qualities you need to generate any gig a total success. So, PCDJ DEX?? for MAC or Windows is our in-house specialist DJ software that is simple enough for the novice but attributes abundant enough for almost any experienced DJ. You can also read Waves – Bass Slapper Library.


Features of PCDJ DEX 2020:

  1. Possibility to put the song text in your audio file.
  2. Suitable user interface and simple and effortless operation.
  3. Accessible with professional features and, of course, easy to use.
  4. Accessibility to 4 docks plus an expert mixer and playlist.
  5. Accessibility to two types of skins containing audio and video tabs.
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