Output – Beautiful Pads

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Output – Beautiful Pads Overview

In Summary, Stunning Pads ?? is a revolution in applications, devoted to flipping your perception of music in reverse. More than your standard DAW reverse function, REV is a four-part instrument packed with a huge audio based solely on opposite elements for producers, composers, musicians, DJs and sound designers. Every one of the 4 parts of REV possess their own unique sound engine loaded with over lot of material such as synths, real tools, multilayered organic pads, pads, rises, blockages, swells, stutters and more.REV comes with over 1,000 presets, with real instruments, multiple layers, and working in reverse and in real time. In Summary, Use some of the built-in presets or begin from scratch and build your own. You can also read Cymatics – Reggae Guitars Vol 1.

Output – Beautiful Pads

Features of Output – Beautiful Pads:

  1. 4 powerful engines
  2. Automate stutters, filters and fx
  3. All engines lock
  4. For manufacturers, composers
  5. Infinite creativity
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