Mutekki Media – Loop Definition (Wav)

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Mutekki Media – Loop Definition (Wav) Overview

In Fact, Following his highly acclaimed”Club Revolution”and the lately released”FX Revolution”, Mutekki Media finally follows up with a few of his most promising projects so far: the multi-format DVD”Kick-Free Revolution”. Here it is possible to discover numberless brand new drum loops, and more than million single drum sounds, deep basslines and eclectic synths. Another thousand scratch, vinyl and FX- seems finish this assortment of samples, that provides every hip hop production this particular flavor of succeeding. So, From old-school to school, from club to charts, HipHop Definition is the real deal! Cool vocal shouts make up this selection of elaborated produced and mastered hip hop samples. You can also read Roland Cloud – Rob Acid TB-303 Collection (SYNTH PRESET).

Mutekki Media – Loop Definition (Wav)

Features of Mutekki Media – Loop Definition (Wav):

  1. 58 Bass Drum Samples
  2. 34 Bass Line Samples
  3. 57 Clap Samples
  4. 201 Fragment Samples
  5. 205 Mini Samples
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