Musical Sampling – Atelier Series Daydream

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Musical Sampling – Atelier Series Daydream Overview

Particularly, Daydream is a romantic release which includes four instruments aimed towards emotional, ethereal contexts. For the Cozy Piano patch, we recorded an upright piano in the pianissimo range with a stereo pair of Neumann KM 184’s placed behind the piano. Amazing patch in case you’re looking for a soft, romantic piano with only enough character. Moreover, We also recorded a crossfade-able, arrhythmic soft sustains functionality patch. You can also read iZotope RX Loudness Control.

Musical Sampling – Atelier Series Daydream

Features of Musical Sampling – Atelier Series Daydream:

  1. Subtle pedal upward samples
  2. Authentic physical Automobile panning solo violin soft tremolos
  3. Contains soft, arrhythmic successive sustains piano patch
  4. Engineered arrhythmic, organic texture patch
  5. Adjustable reverb of habit hall impulse
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