HandHeldSound – FlyingHand Percussion

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HandHeldSound – FlyingHand Percussion Overview

In Short, HandHeldSound – FlyingHand Percussion is a versatile program that provides an extensive Hand-Percussion sample library that provides over 30,000 samples. It’s a strong program that reflects an accurate and innovative ensemble utilizing a fantastic number of articulations, true replication of those drums’ characteristics, and accurate nuances from each instrument.This is a efficient application that investigates nuances and fires from each tool so that it becomes a universe of idiomatic articulation, supplying you with actual thematic tools to enrich your Percussion structures. The program offers so much more diversity outside traditional articulations making it simpler than ever to create realistic percussion parts on your DAW. Likewise, It supplies a brand new Interface featuring a comprehensive visual display of articulations, playing with zones, mixer and more. You can also read Eiosis E2Deesser VST.

HandHeldSound – FlyingHand Percussion

Features of HandHeldSound – FlyingHand Percussion:

  1. Provides a comprehensive Hand-Percussion sample library that provides over 30,000 samples.
  2. Represents a true and innovative ensemble with a great number of articulations.
  3. Provides true replication of these drums’ features, and accurate nuances from every instrument.
  4. Significantly explores nuances and depths from every tool so that it will become a universe of idiomatic articulation.
  5. Provides you with real thematic tools to enhance your Percussion structures.
  6. Offers much more diversity beyond conventional articulations that makes it simpler than ever to make realistic percussion elements in your DAW.
  7. Gives entire genre independence no matter the kind of music you play or write.
  8. Includes a brand new Interface featuring a detailed visual screen of articulations, playing with zones, mixer and much more.
  9. Intelligently helps you play with the paths, makes your music sound so true you can almost taste it.
  10. Includes hand chosen acoustic instruments, and lots of types of bonus sound design, metallic, and electronic percussion sounds.
  11. Offers a variety of playing methods, mic positions and attributes which makes it perfect for writing and playing live in every music genre.
  12. Comes loaded with multi sampled Hand Drums and Percussion using Legato Drumming system.
  13. Each drum fulfills its authentic musical depth with a large number of lengthy articulation techniques using unconventional playing fashions.
  14. Adds a layer of genuine time gestural seems, mimicking typical vibrations and hand noises which occur when shifting between articulations.
  15. Gives around 20 dynamic layers per note, 4 round robins, up to 3 mic positions and over 50dB of dynamic range.
  16. Utilizes Playable Keymaps enabling one to perform a percussion library along with your hands.
  17. All tools are keymapped for both playability and remain consistent through all instruments.
  18. Automatically control sustain and resonance if playing loudly articulations or if muting a stroke on the fly.

System Requirements:

  1. Hard Disk: 4 GB
  2. Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  3. RAM: 4 GB
  4. Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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