Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 (KONTAKT)

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Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 (KONTAKT) Overview

In Summary, Oriental Soloist two is a set of 335 sounds created for oriental Royal mode enjoying by Dr Raid, sounds are intended to be mixed together via a four station / audio output signal at which the user can design, control, and combine sounds together to have the wanted results not just for solo playing but also for unison mixed oriental instruments. 1 unique feature in Oriental soloist two is the capability to pick periods of each of the four sounds individually based on scale, with the ability to restrain Octave, Volume, and pan individually too. User may select legato/mono playing style for every sound and control the volume envelope parameters for each sound. Likewise, With four effects slots user can assign impacts for each sound individually, effects rack includes: modulator, compressor, equalizer, filter, delay, and reverb. You can also read Black Octopus the Sound – Riddim Trap Evolution.

Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 (KONTAKT)

Features of Findasound – Oriental Soloist 2 (KONTAKT):

  1. Quarter tone scale tuning with song amount.
  2. Pitch bend quantity controller.
  3. Vibrato rate controller.
  4. Four station tool.
  5. FX slot for each channel.
  6. 335 x 4 combinable seems.
  7. 12 keys witches.
  8. Total key range tool.
  9. Fully automated interface.
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