Embertone – Chapman Trumpet (KONTAKT)

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Embertone – Chapman Trumpet (KONTAKT) Overview

Moreover, Chapman trumpet is a brilliant, beautiful and life-like instrument. It simply works. Programmed to supply you with a reactive sound/feel, this item will soar across the orchestra, but also fit directly into whatever mix you are working on. However, It has 3X round robin made legato, TRUE legato transitions, and a nearly 3 octave span that’s extremely consistent., and because it utilizes a pair of Kontakt’s time machine attributes, it’s a more taxing tool compared to most of the others. You can also read Heavyocity – Scoring Guitars 2.

Embertone – Chapman Trumpet (KONTAKT)

Features of Embertone – Chapman Trumpet (KONTAKT):

  1. Legato/poly sustain/staccato samples??
  2. Reactive at slow and fast tempos
  3. Total vibrato control with mod wheel
  4. 1,750+ listed samples??
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