Best Service – Emotional Viola

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Best Service – Emotional Viola Overview

In Fact,

Emotional Viola is the third Part of Their Emotional Strings series by Harmonic Subtones.

This long expected and logical addition to the cello and violin, also represents an extremely comprehensive virtual instrument that’s easy to play, and undoubtedly offers many possibilities for individual customization. In General, Emotional Viola is the first option if you’re trying to find the best instrument for film scoring, pop songs, songwriting, classical or modern.instruments in the Psychological series, the Munich-based programmers chose to stay true to the notion of contextual sampling by which all samples are always recorded at a musical context to capture the organic bowing and expressiveness of real instrumentalists. You can also read WavSupply – Roy Major – Leviathan (ElectraX).

Best Service – Emotional Viola

Features of Best Service – Emotional Viola:

  1. Multiple Progressive Vibratos
  2. Multiple Expressive
  3. Flautando
  4. Sul Ponticello
  5. Morbid Sustains
  6. Harmonics
  7. Multiple Spiccatos
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